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Brothers Dan and Jeremy are aspiring filmmakers. When the economic crisis drains their pool of potential investors, they have no choice but to accept their mother's offer to fund their feature film. Months later, with their movie nearly complete, their artistic vision runs headlong into their Mother's more wholesome

THANKS MOM is a comedy about art, film-making and a couple of Mommas Boys.


Cast: Penny Slusher, Jeremy Kuhlman, Daniel Kuhlman, David Goodloe, Kristina Morales, Kayla Malec, James Errico, Knute Horwitz, Jade Aquino, Karmann Bajuyo, Roger Welp, Sarah Evans, Kaylyn Slevin, Julia Neary, Deneen Melody, Dan Jessup, Brian Kilborn, and featuring Christian Stolte.


Jacob in the Wilderness

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"Filled with subtle acting and well timed comic delivery, the end result is one of the funniest bits on film production I have seen yet. If like me you love films, or you yourself make films, this is a must see…"

"There isn't a weak link in the chain and the end result speaks for itself… Do yourself a favor and check this one out, just leave Mom at home!"

- William R. Colby |



"…the acting, especially by the 'killer' and his victim and the brothers was authentic yet exuding humor. Dan Kuhlman is terrific as Dan. Art and life work together here."

"This short film begs to be a full-length feature film. I can see this script becoming a comic hoot as both a knock on the bad films being made these days and a tribute to those light family-friendly films of the 1950 such as those Doris Day Rock Hudson comedies."

- Tom Williams |






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