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Jacob in the Wilderness
Breakwall is currently submitting it's short film, JACOB IN THE WILDERNESS, to festivals around the country. Click here to view the trailer.
Rich Cotovsky...
Chicago theater legend, actor Rich Cotovsky portrayed the lead role of The Stranger in the film.


Brothers Dan and Jeremy are aspiring filmmakers. When the economic crisis drains their pool of potential investors, they have no choice but to accept their Mother's offer to fund their feature film. Months later, with their movie nearly complete, their artistic vision runs headlong into their Mother's more wholesome

THANKS MOM is a comedy about art, film-making and a couple of Mommas Boys.

View the Thanks Mom trailer.

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Helena   Nine years ago, John and Sara were bound together by the birth of their daughter, Helena. Now, they must struggle to preserve their young family as a seemingly harmless medical condition threatens their daughter's life.

HELENA is the story of two flawed people who become so tied up in themselves that they lose sight of the most beautiful thing they share.

This film about loss and sacrifice shows what we must face when the life we envision is not the life we lead.


Jacob in the Wilderness
Jacob in the Wilderness  

On a rain-drenched night, Jacob wanders the streets of Chicago.

Soaked to the bone, a trip to the local Laundromat brings him in to chance meeting with an unlikely mentor.

This story about coming to grips with loss proves that answers can sometimes be found in the most unlikely places, and that anyone sitting in a Laundromat at 2am with one shoe on has a story to tell.

View the Jacob in the Wilderness trailer.

 Icelantic Boards
Icelantic Boards   Shot for Icelantic ski and outdoor gear, this ski documentary shows the lives and personalities of big mountain skiers.

On location in the deep backcountry of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Salt Lake City, Utah, our team followed professional skiers into some of the richest powder and most beautiful country this nation has to offer.

Check out the Icelantic Boards website at
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